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Basic grammar/Remedial , Clover Series

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English Charge!

Robert Hickling/ Yasuhiro Ichikawa
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audio CD includedClover Series
  • B5size
  • 120pp.
  • 22units
  • Student Book, Teacher's Guide, Audio CD
  • ISBN978-4-7647-3890-4
  • VELC 
  • TOEIC® 

English Charge! is designed to help students master basic English grammar through integrated task-based activities. It presents listening, reading, and writing activities that simplify the grammar-learning process.

  • Features:
    • Varied grammar activities to motivate learning and maintain concentration within students.
    • Charming and humorous illustrations that create interest and familiarize learners with the content.
    • Each unit strongly encourages progression to the next stage of learning.


Unit 1I'm a Big Fan[am / are / is]
Unit 2He's Kissing Her[現在進行形]
Unit 3I Don't Have Any Money[現在形・肯定文と否定文]
Unit 4What Do You Do Every Day?[現在形・疑問文]
Unit 5Wow! Is That Your Car?[代名詞]
Unit 6Be Careful![命令文]
Unit 7Let's Meet at the Station[場所を表す前置詞]
Unit 8How Was Rome?[was / were]
Unit 9I Read It in a Magazine[過去形・肯定文]
Unit 10What Did You Do on Sunday?[過去形・否定文と疑問文]
Unit 11The Goats Were Dancing[過去進行形]
Unit 12If Animals Could Talk[接続詞]
Unit 13Been There, Done That[現在完了]
Unit 14It Starts at Eight[時を表す前置詞]
Unit 15Studying Can Be Tiring[動名詞/不定詞]
Unit 16I Think I'll Go Shopping[will / be going to]
Unit 17A Cute Little Nose[形容詞]
Unit 18He Speaks Romantically[副詞]
Unit 19You Must Be Home by Eleven[助動詞]
Unit 20A Burger and Fries[可算名詞/不可算名詞]
Unit 21Mom's Cheesecake Is Better[形容詞の比較級/最上級]
Unit 22It's Made from Soy[受動態]
published in2010


Clover Series(クローバーシリーズ)は、大学生のための英語再入門シリーズです

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